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+ Added Opus voice and music codecs. Requires server 3.0.7 or later.

Please note that Opus Music is not intended for general voice chat and no

preprocessing is done when opus music is used. This means that AGC, noise

suppression, echo cancellation etc. do not work when using Opus music.

* Updated Qt to 4.8.3 for improved Windows 8 compatibility.

* Overhauled Audio tab of channel edit dialog for new Opus Codec

* Updated client to use new permission list format as used by server 3.0.7

* Restore size and position of Complains List and Permission Overview windows.

Changed base class of both from QDialog to QWidget.

* Added guiConnect, createBookmark, getPermissionIDByName and

getClientNeededPermission to Lua API

* Tweaked length checks in various text fields for client and channelname.

* A spacer without a name will now be shown as an empty line.

* If a playback- or capture profile was renamed or deleted every hotkey

depending on this profile will be adjusted.

* Changed hotkey dialog category spacer alignment to left.

* Client template can now show the update channel used by other clients.

* New option to autostart TeamSpeak on Windows startup.

* Added optional "server_uid=" parameter to ts3server links. If an

existing bookmark with the same server UID found, the bookmarks settings

will be used for the connection.

* Added context menu to notifications to select which sounds are important.

The setting is global for all sound packs.

* Added context menu entry in server list to copy server address to clipboard.

* Added "Move Client to own Channel" in client context menu.

* Added notification icon to status bar if client has unread offline messages.

* Added TS3_CONFIG_DIR environment variable to overwrite location of config


* Adjusted default size of some windows to adjust better to small and very

large monitor resolutions.

* Added message for outgoing pokes. Can be configured in Notifications Options.

* Overhauled Tabs look on Mac OS X via default_mac.qss stylesheet.

* ts3server links are again caught for the Collected URLs

* Added confirmation when resetting custom toolbar settings to default

* Don't show server update dialog while running a fullscreen application

- Fixed upload/download slots if one slot was set to 0.

- Fixed closing hotkey dialog even though keep open was enabled.

- Fixed copy and paste client text.

- Fixed client window sizes which now depend on the screen resolution when

opening for the first time.

- Fixed converting 3D sound positions into db.

- Fixed offline message parsing error if message was empty.

- Fixed that hotkey push button always adds in "all" hotkey profiles instead

of the selected one.

- Fixed resizing and centering smaller gif icons to 16x16.

- Fixed that the setup wizard only configures the default hotkey profile and

when having more than one hotkey profile a hint on the welcome page will be

shown as a reminder.

- Fixed bb-code of server host message when message contains newlines.

- Fixed editing a hotkey but assigning the same action.

- Fixed a direct input hotkey issue when pushing two buttons at once on

different devices.

- Fixed stuck PTT button when releasing the mouse.

- Fixed "Edit bookmark" contextmenu in bookmarks menu.

- Fixed some ts3server links issues when using cid parameter.

- Setup wizard now always uses the Standard hotkey profile in case when

multiple hotkey profiles exist.

- Fixed UTF-8 characters in URL catcher

- Fixed possible crash sending a poke to a meanwhile disconnected client

- Fixed local mute/unmute hotkeys

- Fixed passing onClientIDsEvent and onClientIDsFinishedEvent to Plugin API

- Fixed crash when deleting a playback profile

- Fixed crash when no default sound device is present

- Fixed previously renamed onCustom3dRolloffCalculationClientEvent and

ts3plugin_onCustom3dRolloffCalculationWaveEvent functions in test plugin.

Teamspeak 3 Server:

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